Recurring Payments 

Do you have customers that you do Business with on a regular basis? With our recurring payments and customer database you have the ability to save all customer info along with different payment types. This gives you the ability to simply charge the card on file or set up recurring payments that will automatically bill customer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly etc…

 Virtual Terminal 

With our Virtual Terminal you have the ability to accept and manage payments from any computer or smart device anywhere in the US. No expensive or antiquated hardware required. Take payments on the go and keep on moving!

 B2B App 

Our B2B application ensures that purchasing and corporate card payment data is passed correctly in order to qualify at optimal Level 2 and Level 3 interchange rates without any additional entry fields. When the B2B app is enabled, we check that to receive the best possible rate. No extra work necessary.

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We understand that customers will occasionally have a bad experience with a previous merchant processor. Here are some common examples:


 Example 1. 

Why when some processors offer a rate of 1.2% or .35% + .10 cents. When Monthly statement is received cost is higher than 3-4% of monthly volume? A good way to calculate your true cost is to divide all monthly fees by monthly credit card volume. This will give you your “effective rate” or true cost.

Example of how to Calculate “Effective Rate” or “True Cost”

fees divided by volume = Effective Rate

2549.37 divided by $74,396.50 = 3.42%

Monthly fees- $2549.37
Monthly Volume- $74,396.50

The processor did not do a good job explaining true cost for a transaction. The two numbers above are how pricing can be confusing and misleading.

1.2% tired pricing model where you pay one rate on debit cards and much higher rate on credit and rewards cards. The processor will usually not disclose other tiers causing confusion and higher cost than expected. This pricing model is outdated and not transparent.

.35% + .10 cents Cost Plus model merchant will pay interchange plus a mark up depending on rate offered. This is a much more transparent pricing model however you will need to watch for what we call junk fees- batch fee, annual fee, monthly fee etc… these junk fees can drastically raise cost.

 Example 2. 

Why is my account being debited twice a month for merchant processing fees.

Be careful when signing up a new account that the monthly cost and fees are clear, some companies will put you in an equipment lease driving cost up $25- $75 a month for anywhere from 2-5 years. These equipment contracts are not able to be cancelled and due in full if terminated.

Difference Between us and them.....


Annual Fees

Junk , Hidden Fees


Increasing Rates

Daliy Discount


American Express Rate


ep nUVO

No Lease, No Contract , EMV Ready



24/7 Personal Agent Support


100% of batch

Next Day Funding


No Cancellation & Early Termination Fee


Purchase Expensive Equipment or Long Term Lease 



3rd party Support


Depending on Bank

1-2 Day Funding

Non Negatiable 

Long Term Contract


Long Term Equipment Lease



800 Long Hold Support

Increases at random

Dependent on the Rate Structure

2-3Days Funding ,Amex is Separate

Non Negotiable

Long Term Contract

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