Medical Mangament Software

EP Nuvo Offers one of the Premier Medical Billing Software in the industry:

MX MedicalTM Base is a cloud-based payment acceptance solution that helps Healthcare Providers collect and record patient payments either at the time of service, after the fact, or both.


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Used by Provider’s front office staff to quickly collect and process payments of cash, checks, credit/debit cards or ACH payments at the time of service. Also enables staff to set up and automate recurring payments for collection of patient balances. Payment plans can be configured to match the Provider’s payment plan policies, and are secured by either the credit card or ACH payment account information provided by the Patient at the time of service.

Allows Provider’s patients to register and log on to submit payments via e-check or credit/debit cards and receipts, view transactions and balances. Also allows patients to add new balances to their existing payment plans and add or update the payment account information on file with the Provider.

Used by Provider’s main Admin user to add location, add users and manage certain settings in the Payment Manager or Patient ePay (Online Bill Pay) modules.

Allows Provider to send Patients a HIPAA compliant email to advise of payment-related events including payment made, receipt available, upcoming scheduled payment, creation of a payment plan, balance due, online bill pay invite and more. Also alerts Admin user when a scheduled payment is declined or a patient’s credit card is expiring.

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